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A Crown of Pearls Tangerine Lies Romance Nov 01 12 27 539 War has ravaged the Mainland. In a city where the allegiances are neutral, Kate had high hopes in escaping unwanted suitors while saving countless lives regardless of which side of the war they are on. A slow burning romance revolving around a young doctor and a foreign prince. Every moment, minute she is away from her homeland, she finds herself torn between duty and love. Enemies become friends, and those whom Kate thought were her allies are not as loyal as it would seem. Join her as she has to navigate through a fear of falling in love, and doing what is required of her. A novel for the Nov2018 Writing Camp!
A Traitor's Tale bluestar514 Fantasy Nov 11 4 2 145 The crown prince is murdered during his coronation by the most hated mage in all of the kingdom's history. Several years later, at the urging of the young princess, Knight-Captain Rose Delores recounts the story. Of the murdered prince. Of the mage. Of a band of adventurers and close friends. Of betrayal and loss.
All In HopCrop Drama Nov 01 26 15 1342 Bryson Daley wishes he could live the good life, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for him. Stuck in a small town working a job he doesn't like, he believes that he's doomed to a life of mediocrity. One day, however, Bryson has a chance encounter with Alva Lorensen, the kindest and most beautiful woman he has ever seen and also one of the world's highest-ranked poker players. Obsessed with the idea of winning her heart, he takes out a loan against his house and buys into a high-stakes poker tournament on a Mediterranean cruise that he knows she'll be playing in. With no fallback plan and no experience in tournament poker, what could possibly go wrong? All In is a story of love, ambition, heartbreak, and fighting impossible odds in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet earth. Time to shuffle and deal.
Apotheosis Huckleberry Fantasy Nov 02 5 21 310 Reya is a mercenary bound by contracts of blood and coin. Arianna is a wanderer armed with deep pockets and a silver tongue. Their meeting, a stroke of luck and an unfortunate misstep, catapults Reya into a journey across the realm at Ariannas behest. Yet while her contract seems simple, it is anything but. Braving unknown terrain, besting dangerous creatures, toppling governments, stopping a war, and saving deities arent what Reya signed up for. But Arianna promises to see it through or Reyas face will be the last thing she ever sees.
Canticle: Code Caligula NAITO Fantasy Nov 01 21 25 1016 Death to you. A phrase the demon "Bloodstrider" Mura knows all too well; living out his unusual life as a would-be assassin in an unforgiving world. But in a twist of fate, Mura is exiled to Earth, stripped of his powers and is now hunted by those he once called comrades. Story and Concepts: NAITO Editing and Illustrations: Soya
EMBARGO Beau Van Dalen BL Nov 01 48 683 16881 An unresponsive space station. An elite squad of assassins. Their mission is easyget rid of the traitors committing mutiny, get out, and leave no traces behind. But things get complicated when no human life is found within the now abandoned station. And when two highly skilled soldiersLieutenant Yuuta Aoki and Major Xander Williamsare separated from the group: chaos breaks loose. Left to fight off creatures lurking in the depths of outer space, forced to face an investigation bigger than themselves, Xander and Yuuta must survive and escape death before it catches them first.
Folding His Letters SpawnofTyphon Slice of Life Nov 24 85 13 1186 A daughter consistently visits her ------ -- --- -------- ----- ---- ----- - --------- ----- --------. You took too long and now it's gone. - Marzipan
Genesis Hills Mari Mae Horror Nov 01 2 8 173 A setting full of secrets. A lone house in the woods. All other Humans completely gone. Memories partially wiped. Only survivor, or are there others. Last man standing, or one last target to destroy? This is a comedic horror, viewer discretion is absolutely advised.
Heaven At Bar 8 BrownieArts Mystery Nov 04 25 17 284 The fresh adult Timothy just got into university, accepted a part-time job to pay off his fee from the very beginning and got himself a good hearted girlfriend. Sadly, unfortunate events smash his dreams, which let him end on a little bar down the mainroad, 'Bar 8'. There he tries to wash away his miserable memories, but instead the one who could save him, finds him. Someone with some weight on his shoulders himself. Can they both overcome their difficulties together? Or will they pull each other down even more?
Inheritance Ratscout Fantasy Nov 01 62 57 2530 *Third writer's camp story!* Eory lived 12 of his eighteen years in captivity due to his evil heritage and finally has a chance at freedom when his caretaker, Kori, informs him that the usurper king who beheaded his family is willing to give him a chance at freedom if he can behave flawlessly for one night at the ball. I am posting this story at
Madame Dragyn's Potion Co. Kris Dragyn Fantasy Nov 01 47 41 1005 On Matlock Street sits a small shoppe named Madame Dragyn's Potion Co. It's owned by a local witch, loved by a small community in the big city of Strathmore. With little competition, her potion shoppe thrives. That is, until the police require her help in more assignments. Will she be able to help, or will she make matters worse for herself and the rest of Strathmore? This is a fantasy novel where magic and witches are common. My entry for the 3rd Writer's Camp! Updates every other day.
My Life as a Background Character Cometkitties Comedy Nov 01 7 13 200 Annette is just an ordinary girl from a small town... and that is the problem! Everyone around her seems to have something special or crazy going on in their lives. The town of Greendale has it all: Superheros, Vampires, Witches, and more!!!! Join Annette as she navigates her life as a background character in everyone's insane lives!
Natural [1000 Days on Fallen Earth] Ari Science Fiction Nov 01 10 7 206 3rd Writer's Camp! After long feared Yellowstone supervolcano exploded, the world perished as we knew it. On the World's surface today roam chunks of metal, usually known by the name 'Robots'. Sent as the ones to revive the human kind later on, follow a group of five different robots on a journey to find their alpha group.
Paradise RearmedDreamer Fantasy Jan 12 21 2 120 In a dying world where the relentless pursuit of technology and progress has ravaged the land a mercenary seeks tot keep a promise and learns what keeping is really means and what it will cost. NaNoWriMo 2018 Project. Working title. Webserial.
The Blank meidiocre Science Fiction Dec 20 14 11 224 Purity is an anti-Anomaly organisation hellbent on finding a cure for the mutant problem, whether it is through science or mass genocide. In every organisation there are its disposable soldiers, anonymous and unnamed. Each mercenary, with their own story to tell, their own reason for dedicating their lives to a brutal cause. The Blank is a series of vignettes that depict the lives of the people of Purity, giving a voice to the expendable background characters of every superhero series. Contains violence and LGBTQ themes. Updates every Sunday.
The Player: Stage 1 Chaoticmocha Mystery Nov 07 32 6 180 Melanie Green has no recollection of how or why she found herself running away from a psychopaths blood stained clutches. All she remembers is having a nice family dinner and going to bed only to awake and find herself in an old and rundown abandoned building with no one to keep her company outside of a Jack the Ripper enthusiast and a newspaper holding a date three months in the future from when she went to bed the night prior. She figured the moment she found the key to escape through the front door the nightmare would end. Melanie had never been more wrong. What awaited her on the other side of the nightmarish hell was another room waiting to be escaped from. With her hazy memories not seeming to get any clearer, Melanie finds herself stuck in some sort of twisted escape game with no end in sight. - Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday -
The Unicorn CoyCoy Fantasy Dec 29 19 18 486 Monika is a human. Her execution is stalled when it is uncovered that she has the uncanny ability to communicate and command animals. Ordered by the Sun King, she must go on a journey with some quirky companions, including a strangely egotistical prince who she can't seem to stop liking. Together, they seek the beast that will end the Sun Kingdom's battle with the Ice Realm once and for all. Not all is as it seems, though, and new and old friendships will be tested. Welcome to the gray zone.
The Werwulf Trials R.L. Keziah Mystery Nov 01 33 20 362 An avenger unravels secrets of werewolves, alchemy, and it's connection to his father's massacre. Follow Klerien through a mysterious journey of lies, painful truths, betrayal, murder, and romance.
These Violent Delights jiemae BL Nov 01 2 61 389 Legion commander to the Fairel Empires imperial army, Vadim Livremont needs a body double for the crown prince and it just so happens that the irritable and sarcastic Shion has the ability to shapeshift into anyone he pleases. Only, the matter of payment gets complicated when what Shion ends up asking for turns out to be Vadims blood.
TRANSCENDENCE: War of the Fallen lsyliu Fantasy Nov 01 2 15 168 When you die every SOUL reincarnates, until living energy of each and every life is able to ascend. Such souls, throughout history and mythology, have had many names Angel, Titan, Asura, etc. Existing alongside humans, they remain hidden behind the Spirit Veil, fated to roam the earth as demi-gods and to fight each other for purity, power, and prestige within their forgotten realm. But legend has it, once in a Millennia, the world enters a TIME OF CHAOS. When the veil thins and the Lost Dead walk the earth. Hungry Ghosts take on flesh, Humans can become Demons, and those Pure of Soul can become Gods. This is the story of awakening, rebirth, and the path to becoming Gods and Devas. And, all the power and pain in-between. This is the story of TRANSCENDENCE. * ~ My entry for the third Tapas Writers Camp, starting November 1st 2018. ~ Updated when I can, during NaNoWriMo! ~ And special thanks to Nana for her permission to use her beautiful art for my covers. She is amazing! Check her out at
When Demons come Helping Maylovebugs Drama Nov 01 22 26 431 "There's a thin line between life and death, love and hate." In a world where the living and the dead cross paths, 23 year-old Lola navigates the two worlds with her Spirit aid and Grim reaper, Liam. Given the chance to find out the truth behind her death, Lola is faced with the shattering reality about Austin; her earthly boyfriend and driver at the wheel the day she crashed to her death. Intertwined with fate, desire and free will, 'When Demons come Helping' is a complicated yet simple tale about the choices we make. (For the November Writer's Camp)