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Total Entries: 2
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Last Updated on 2019-03-23 23:00:02 PST

Title Author Genre Created Eps Subs Views Description
Canticle: Code Caligula NAITO Fantasy Nov 01 25 30 1132 Death to you. A phrase the demon "Bloodstrider" Mura knows all too well; living out his unusual life as a would-be assassin in an unforgiving world. But in a twist of fate, Mura is exiled to Earth, stripped of his powers and is now hunted by those he once called comrades. Story and Concepts: NAITO Editing and Illustrations: Soya
Madame Dragyn's Potion Co. Kris Dragyn Fantasy Nov 01 47 41 1046 On Matlock Street sits a small shoppe named Madame Dragyn's Potion Co. It's owned by a local witch, loved by a small community in the big city of Strathmore. With little competition, her potion shoppe thrives. That is, until the police require her help in more assignments. Will she be able to help, or will she make matters worse for herself and the rest of Strathmore? This is a fantasy novel where magic and witches are common. My entry for the 3rd Writer's Camp! Updates every other day.